Configuring Build Options

The mozconfig file located in the root is used to configure and set-up the Mozilla Build System. There are many different options you can tweak and modify to achieve different results. It is important you are aware what each option does before using in your mozconfig file as different options can drastically change your build result.

Option types

There are two different ways of applying an option to the build.

  • mk_add_options - Options under this category will be passed to the Makefile.
  • ac_add_options - Options under this category are passed to configure.

Common options


sccache is a solution developed by Mozilla to cache compilation results. sccache is very similar to ccache but sccache supports caching within Rust builds.

You can enable sccache by adding ac_add_options --with-ccache=sccache to your mozconfig file.

Note This section is a work in progress.